Travel Insurance

About Travel Insurance

Every travel packages (Air Ticket + Accommodaiton) purchased from Singapore Airlines includes the HK$100,000 Group Holiday Insurance. Here are the details:
Schedule of Benefits
Personal Accident

a) Accident Death (which occurs withing 12 calendar months from the date of the accident)
b) Permanent Total Disablement
c) Permanent Total Loss of Sight in one OR both eyes
d) Loss of severance or permanent and total loss of use of one OR more limbs
e) Permanent Total Loss of Speech OR Hearing
*Age Limit: 6 weeks to 85 years of age

Maximum Sum Insured (HK$)


Can I buy additional insurance from you?

Certainly, you can consider buying additional insurance with your own needs, because Group Holiday Insurance does not cover Medical Expenses, Overseas Hospital, Worldwide Emergency Aid, Personal Accident, Travel Interruption and etc. We recommend every traveler to purchase the travel insurance that meets his/her needs before journey.

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